Hostel Life: A Joyride

Personally, I would recommend to any person of any origin, origin or age to try to live in a hostel at least once in their life. Too bold statement? Well I don't think so. I have been living in the hostel for 3 years and plan to do it next year. The reason why I support this issue so much is that regardless of whether it is good or bad, living in a shelter gives a person valuable and priceless experiences that allow him to better cope with life ever since. As Mark Twain rightly pointed out, "We should be careful to draw only wisdom from experience and stop there; that we are not like a cat who sits on a hot kitchen cover. Sit on the hot lid again – and that's good; but he will never sit cold again. "Good judgment often results from experience, but the experience itself comes from both bad and good times, and the hostel is the perfect place to start, especially when a person enters adulthood.

After describing the impact of living in a hostel on a hostel, let me discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a hostel.


• Shyness decreases –
Well, living in a hostel gives people enough opportunity to interact with people, because in the hostel complex people are everywhere. People who are shy and unable to interact properly with others will certainly need to talk to people, at least their roommates. Added to this celebrating holidays, festivities and birthday parties are conducive to building relationships and give a person a good chance to get out of shyness.
• Interactions –
For those of us who are not too shy, the hostel is the perfect place to meet people from different regions, backgrounds and environments. People from different countries meet and live under a common roof, enabling participation in a competent and interactive session.
• Is cheap –
Let's face it, hostel life is incredibly cheap if you separate the ultra modern and air-conditioned ones. If we are talking about basic accommodation with all necessary requirements, the hostel is the perfect place. Even student hostels, which many students prefer, are relatively cheaper than living in a rented house or hotel. I also live in a dorm, which is a really good place to party!

• Indulgence in bad things
People may be tempted to do things that can harm them in the long run. Cases of cocaine, ganji, smoking and drinking have been observed in hostels.
• Lack of privacy –
Privacy is at risk when living in a hostel. In many hostels, people have roommates, which further limits privacy.
• Security –
Sometimes cases of theft are also reported in hostels.

Yes, here's an explanation of life in a shelter from different angles. You should try to live in a shelter and do not forget to learn from the mistakes of one and all, and lead a good life.

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