Ethereum (ETH) rose today after the entire alkyne market responded strongly to the $ 10,000 bitcoin consolidation period in the region. This upward movement sent him $ 185, a previously high level of support for cryptocurrencies.

Analysts now note that the Ethereum network shows significant strength, which could be a positive signal for short-term cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum waves $ 185
At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading more than 3% at its current price of $ 185, a significant deviation from its recent low of about $ 170 which was set earlier this month.

bitcoin value

ETH has been steadily gaining support around these price levels in recent days and weeks, and today its increased capacity may indicate counterfeiting, which could increase significantly in the coming days and weeks.

Popularity encryption analyst on Twitter Josh Olszewicz spoke on Ethereum’s pricing action on a recent tweet, briefly saying, “Here’s your $ ETH Hume” and pointing to a graph showing $ short term goal of $ 320