10 Study abroad Tips and suggestions

1. Read on. Read about your study abroad. Try to read the local newspaper and get to know the general state of things in the country and city that you visit. Choose a travel book such as Lonely Planet to learn about the most important monuments, transport, local places, as well as the good and […]

Five great things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is an extremely vibrant, multicultural city that is experiencing enormous development in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Considered one of the most livable and beautifully located cities in the world, Vancouver offers many interesting experiences for the curious guest. We present a few old favorite attractions for travelers, as well as one […]

Vibrant Barcelona

With a bustling metropolis of over 5 million people and the largest city on the Mediterranean, Barcelona, ​​Spain is a thriving global tourist center attracting many. Visitors will be delighted with the cultural roots of Catalonia, sporting traditions, one of the best beaches in the world and world heritage sites. With such a varied list […]

Live Maputo Mozambique

Maputo is the lively capital of Mozambique, as well as the largest city of the island nation. Most people come to Mozambique in search of a great beach vacation, but spending one or two days in Maputo gives Mozambique a different but very interesting perspective. Located at the southern tip of the country, the capital […]

Safed – Israel City of Kabbalah

Northern Israel offers travelers the opportunity to discover the sights and sounds of the rural Galilee region. Jewish and Christian tourists will find many attractions in the area that will allow visitors to discover many ancient places that are sacred to these religious traditions. One such area is the Jewish holy city of Safed, where […]

Top 10 Will Smith Movies

There was a time when you could rely on at least one Will Smith movie to hit the big screen every year, but since 2008 Will Will Smith has been quite quiet. Although not in front of the camera, Smith was busy. for this he helps produce his son Jaden's film "The Karate Kid." But […]