A guide for newcomers to the Party Capital of the World

The sun kisses beaches, night life that puts you in an endless high and atmosphere that you need to feel to know what it is, Ibiza in Spain maintains its well-deserved sobriquet as the party capital of the world. In fact, the Balearic Islands, of which Ibiza is part, have become the global center of the electric dance movement. EDM, as known to its worshipers, has spread its high-intensity synth strikes to virtually every part of the planet.

In the early stages of the club season, the Ibiza event promises to be threefold than ever. Over the next few months, the islands offer themselves to EDM enthusiasts who visit this place again and again. Ibiza is well connected for transport by two main bus connections. Properly Named & # 39; Discobus & # 39; Services that operate at the peak of the club season often become the preferred mode of transport for those who want to get on the club routes. Cabins for rent are also available, but can be difficult to get at the peak of the season due to the very high demand for them. But if you want to discover this place fully, going beyond the club route, it is best to rent a car. Some advice; considering that the road network is still under development, pay attention to small print and make sure you are protected against minor damage.

The accommodation scenario is as vivid as the music on the island. The healthy spread of accommodation begins with Spartan hostels, apartments and luxury apartments, then develops into spacious villas and offers everything in between. Hotel reservations are a must, however, because the popularity of this place means that most of them are sold out within a few days of the season's opening. We have a fairly wide range of options available, which differ in budget and offers. Many advise that a trip to Ibiza begins with months of planning. While this is true in some parts, the power of the Internet has enabled improvised escape. There are many options available on the hotel reservation websites, which sometimes offer hotel offers at attractive prices.

In addition to musical travel, Ibiza is also a place for lovers of picturesque landscapes. The rich and colorful face offers soothing views that are able to calm even the most crazy soul. Tip for a tired traveler: if you happen to sail around the islands and you notice that the watch has stopped or the GPS signal does not work, do not worry. You've just reached the third most magnetic place on the planet – Es Vedra.

So it's time to throw these adventurous party threads, pack your bags and go on your next flight to Ibiza. The best way to reach this place is through Europe, where most airlines fly to the city. The Sant Joseph airport, located at the southern end, is always ready to accept party animals. Equally well-equipped ports, such as Sant Antoni, also host party animals that prefer to swim into the city from the sea.