Top 10 Will Smith Movies

There was a time when you could rely on at least one Will Smith movie to hit the big screen every year, but since 2008 Will Will Smith has been quite quiet. Although not in front of the camera, Smith was busy. for this he helps produce his son Jaden's film "The Karate Kid." But the good news is that Will Smith will return in front of the camera when he appears in the next movie "Men in Black", yes, they do the third. So while we're waiting for more destruction of aliens, here are my top 10 Will Smith movies that will keep you entertained.

10) The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

Rannulph Junnah had it all, he was a great golfer, a legend in Savannah and he met with beautiful Adele Invergordon. But going to war, everything changes when he returns to Savannah, a changed man more interested in drinking and gambling than playing golf. In the meantime, Adele, who has inherited both her father's golf course and debts, is forced to finalize how to quickly raise money and decides to organize the best golf game. Having become acquainted with golf legends Waler Hagen and Bobby Jones, he convinces Junnah to play after the locals demand that the local player appear next to the great ones. After losing confidence and the swing, it seems that Junnah is disappointed, but when a poor man named Bagger Vance appears, offering him a caddy, it looks like the situation has reversed.

I have to say that although I like "The Legend of Bagger Vance", it must be said that between Bagger Vance's mysticism and many golf sequences Zen is a bit too fairytale. But then Will Smith portrays the cute, funny, intriguing character in Bagger Vance, making a lot of nonsense into a funny movie.

9) Men in Black (1997)

While prosecuting the criminal, James Darrel Edwards III discovers he is against someone who is not human by returning him to Agent Kay, who introduces him to a top secret MiB agency whose job is to control all aliens living on an undetected planet. After convincing Edward to join this special agency, becoming Agent Jay & # 39; em in action, they are in the abyss of things when the planet is facing destruction unless they can discover alien terrorists looking for ambassadors from other planets.

While the continuation was not very big, the first "Men in Black" was a funny movie that not only ensured Will Smith's box office success, but also a hit song. It's the kind of performance we like from Smith that provides a lot of humor combined with action, and the surprising collaboration of Smith and Tommy Lee Jones works so well that it's a movie that is fun from beginning to end.

8) Hancock (2008)

John Hancock is a restless man, on the one hand he has super powers and tries to use them to make goo, but he also loves his drink, often leading his good intentions, ending in catastrophic consequences and a string of destruction. But trying to make a good turn, saving PR guy Ray Embrey & before the train, inadvertently gains a new best friend who decides to improve Hancock's public image. All this is good and good, but for some reason Ray's wife is not happy to see that Hancock is welcomed into their home, and not just because of his vulnerable ways.

The first thing is that the "Hancock" movie is not great, it's as if the two movies were combined into one, and the mix seems completely inferior. But luckily Will Smith, like John Hancock, with Smith, who creates an unforgettable bad ass and provides a few moments of comedy with lots of action. But just like in the movie, Smith's performance suffers because the first half is great and the other half is less than great.

7) I, Robot (2004)

In 2035, technology and robots became part of life, much to the displeasure of detective Del Spooner, who doesn't like every robot he meets. When Dr. Alfred Lanning, a man who is credited with creating robots in their current form, is found dead, Spooner is called to investigate what many consider suicide. But Spooner and his technophobic attitude lead him to suspect that Lanning's death was not suicide but a murder by a robot who somehow managed to kill despite the laws that disturbed him.

Put simply, "I, Robot" is a Will Smith movie, futuristic serious, but also an action movie. So we get Will Smith, who provides unparalleled performance in many ways, showing his impressive figure during exercise, and also providing dynamic action sequences, each with a bit of humor, by providing Smith with a sarcastic dialogue. Although it's a kind of serious movie, it's hard to take seriously, but Smith provides impressive performance.

6) Bad Boys (1995)

Marcus Burnett is married and pecked, Mike Lowery is single and female, but they are partners, they work for the Miami police. When a significant amount of drugs is bravely stolen from a police hideout, Burnett and Lowrey only have 72 hours to recover stolen drugs and catch criminals. It is not that simple when the confusion leads to the fact that they must pretend to be themselves for a witness to appear.

Although Will Smith has already shown his talents on the big screen, it can be said that "Bad Boy & # 39; s" was his first large film in which he was one of the main stars. This is another movie in which it delivers exactly what people like, so we get action, comedy and Smith, creating a smooth operator at Minke Lowery. But it has to do with both Martin Lawrence & Will Smith's performance, why the film works, creating an unforgettable clay partnership for a new era.

5) I'm a legend (2007)

In 2012, New York was abandoned after a miracle cure for cancer, it mutates and leaves those who were treated with it eating zombie-like bodies. The only person left in New York is Robert Neville, who is determined to discover a cure for this mutant virus, even if it means he has to face the daily battle to protect himself from these zombies as creatures wandering the streets at night.

It must be said that "I am a legend" is a film that ultimately divided the audience. Some were delighted with this kind of horror movie, while others thought it was a poor adaptation of Richard Matheson's original novel. Regardless of whether you like the movie or not, it is certainly a strong performance of Will Smith, who is not only the only character in it for such a long time, but also provides a feeling of fear and loneliness of the last survivor in a once vibrant city .

4) Ali (2001)

'Ali' is the story of boxer Muhammad Ali from 1964–1974. The turbulent decade in the life of boxers covers his aspect of becoming a Black Muslim, his friendship with influential Malcolm X, his decision to change his name and marriage. And of course, this applies to his boxing career and his fight for boxing after refusing to join the US military.

"Ali" is another Will Smith movie that divides the audience because for many it covers such a small part of the life of the legendary boxer, but also because director Michael Mann has such a stylistic approach to films that he often does not seem to be the mainstream movie. Whether you like it or not, it's hard to ignore the impressive role of Will Smith as Muhammad Ali. First, the swollen resemblance to Ali's physical resemblance is stunning, but he collects all the little manners, fast feet, the way he pronounces words, almost everything is in place and it's a shame that the movie itself ultimately divides the audience, because it's one of the best Smith performances.

3) Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

Are dealers Flan and Ouisa Kittredge (Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing) just coming out when a young man appears in their New York apartment claiming he has been attacked and needs help. Introducing himself as not only the son of Sidney Poitier, but also a friend of the children of Flan and Ouisi, he delights with their stories about his life and prepares a meal in exchange for their kindness. But when Kittredge insists that he stay the night, they were shocked because everything is not as it seems and he decided to discover the truth surrounding this young man.

Given this, in 1993 Will Smith was more known for his comedy, and especially for the film "The Fresh Prince Bel-Air," in which watching him plays a major role in the film, whose roots reach the stage, is impressive. In fact, Smith's performance as a charming and eloquent young man in "Six Degrees of Separation" makes him act like a movie, and his thoughtful monologues give powerful things.

2) Seven pounds (2008)

Haunted by a tragic secret, Ben Thomas strives to help 7 distinguished people in the hope of redemption through their actions. But when Ben sets in motion his aid plans, nothing can stop them, except that he did not consider falling in love with one of those he chooses to help, which will ultimately transform his life.

Even before I say anything about Will Smith's brilliant performance as Ben Thomas, you have to say that "Seven Pounds" is an impressive, exciting and touching dot film that is brave and differs from the normal mainstream price. But a large part of what makes him so good is the best performance of Will Smith, who plays a difficult, almost mysterious character and makes us love him, support him and when he feels emotions, so do we.

1) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who in the 1980s was not only penniless, but also a lonely dad when his wife left him. Often forced to live hard, sleep in toilets and queue for a room in a hostel where he goes to an internship to become a stockbroker in the hope of a better, safer future for his son.

There are many things with which I can get into the story of Chris Gardner and as such it is a very touching and powerful story, all the more thanks to the performance of Will Smith, who should have won him an Oscar. He really thinks of someone who has no money and shows the emotional side of ignorance, where the next meal will come from, and all his desperation. But at the same time it is an inspiring performance and a plot that made "The Pursuit of Happyness" my # 1 Will Will movie.