Five reasons why you must visit Hong Kong

1. Easy access and the best airport in the world If you are planning a trip to China, you must visit Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the main communication hub in Asia and the gateway to China. It's very easy to find your way here. There are direct flights daily connecting Hong Kong with major […]

Aviation History

Traveling by plane has a long and interesting history, beginning with the first commercial flight in 1933. On a modern Boeing 247 aircraft. This important event left its final mark on the aviation time line, but was just one of many important achievements. Below are some fascinating monuments of aviation history that took place in […]

Science frenzy abroad

Courses and programs for graduation There is no limit to the number of programs and graduation days now. Each development in the field of science is a separate area that you can work on. American universities offer courses and study programs in almost all of these areas and you can continue your research and development […]

Enjoying Paris attractions on a budget

A visit to cosmopolitan Paris is often associated with expenses, wealth, delicious food and luxury accommodation, so it's easy to assume that maximum utilization of this city with a limited budget may not be possible. This is certainly a false assumption, because if you conduct research, stay in one of the excellent youth hostels and […]

Advantages and disadvantages of distance education

Advantages of distance education The biggest advantage of enrolling in an educational course is that you have flexible learning hours. You don't have to study in four walls in strictly defined schedules. You can choose your study dates at your own discretion and you can also do it at work. Another advantage is that you […]


Ethereum (ETH) rose today after the entire alkyne market responded strongly to the $ 10,000 bitcoin consolidation period in the region. This upward movement sent him $ 185, a previously high level of support for cryptocurrencies. Analysts now note that the Ethereum network shows significant strength, which could be a positive signal for short-term cryptocurrencies. […]