8 things to do in Amsterdam

Are you planning to spend a weekend in Amsterdam? Here are some things you can do to make your stay more memorable.

1. Immerse yourself in the glorious past of Amsterdam

Immerse yourself in the golden past of the city by visiting its famous museums. The Amsterdams Historisch Museum and the Amstelkring Museum are particularly popular with tourists. They present objects from 700 years ago.

2. Get lost in the maze of channels

165 canals flow through Amsterdam. The most beautiful of them is Prinsengracht. On both sides of these channels you can find shops, galleries and authentic cafes. Around the canals there is little traffic, which makes them ideal places for a pleasant walk.

3. Visit the parks

Vondelpark, whose name comes from the famous poet Joost van den Vondel, is the largest green space in Amsterdam. It is a great place to visit during the summer. The park is the center of cultural activities. In the Nederlands Filmmuseum there is a cinema and a Picasso sculpture. Vondelpark Openluchttheater becomes a place of dance, music and activities for children from June to September.

4. Get on the bike

Amsterdam is the most bicycle friendly city in the world. In fact, cycling is a Dutch way of getting around the city. Rent a bike and move around the city like a free soul citizen of the world. In Amsterdam, you can rent a bike from many places. You can also book guided bike tours.

5. Try the local cuisine

Taste authentic Dutch cuisine. If you are visiting the city between May and July, you should try to eat raw herring. This is a type of fish very popular in the Netherlands.

6. Marvel at the Golden Age art

Go and see the works of famous painters Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum, perhaps the city's most famous museum, has the largest collection of works of art and artifacts in the country from the 15th century to 1900, including 40 paintings by Rembrandt and four by Vermeers. At the Stedelijk Museum you will find an amazing collection of 20th-century artists.

7. Immerse yourself in ice skating

If you visit Amsterdam in winter, you can go ice skating. In the winter months, frozen canals become an ideal playground for residents interested in ice skating. In the summer, you can meet park residents and tourists ice skating through the park.

8. Visit the flea market

Amsterdam is home to people from all over the world. You can feel this multi-ethnicity by visiting a flea market. The most famous is Albert Cuypmarkt, from which you can buy everything from smoked eel to Surberian sherbets.

10 steps to travel around Europe cheap

It is possible that you have been looking for a flight ticket at least once and thought it would still be there when I was 65 and I will retire. Do not give up! I will explain how you can travel to your dream European country for less than you imagined.

Step 1. Forget your exact travel plans

The fastest way to make your trip as expensive as possible is to narrow down your search to something incredibly specific.

For example, the fact that you have a four-day Easter weekend does not mean that it is a good time to travel. Open yourself to flexibility in travel dates, locations you travel to and where you are staying. The more flexible you are, the cheaper the trip will be.

Step 2. Determine where you really want to visit.

I know I just said it is flexible, but that doesn't mean you can't choose the place you want to visit, it means you must be open to getting what you didn't expect. If you want to visit Dublin more than anything, do not look for flights only from the United States to Dublin. Chances are that you can find a flight ticket from the US to another European city for much less. Then you can book another short flight to Dublin for less than USD 80 return. It's also a great way to see the bonus country!

Step 3. Determine which city you will leave from

Prices for flights to Europe vary tremendously depending on which airport you fly to, leave and when you go. So a good first step might be to determine which airport you will depart from. If you live in a big city like New York, Boston or Los Angeles, you're in luck! You will find the cheapest flights to Europe from these cities. If you don't live in these cities, there is a chance you'll eventually fly through them to get to Europe. So if you can go to one of these cities, it can be a cheap option. Otherwise, consider booking a flight to one of these cities from your hometown. Although this seems strange, you can get cheaper flights by booking each leg separately instead of booking a ticket from home to your destination.

Step 4. Determine the cheapest city in Europe to which you can fly

The easiest way to do this is to check websites containing all the cheapest flights, so you don't have to search hundreds of flights yourself. Some sites allow you to enter the United States or city you know you are leaving from in the "from" field. In the "to" field try to choose "everywhere". Then scroll through the list of results to find the first / cheapest country in Europe to fly to. For example, if Norway costs $ 340 and France is $ 380, it's probably worth choosing France if it's a desired destination; However, if the difference is more than USD 100, I would first choose the cheapest airport. Annoying at Skyscanner is that offers are often no longer active, and sometimes you also have to search many dates to find the cheapest means of transport. But patience is the key and how to find the cheapest flights. Another piece of advice is that sometimes flights take place through travel agents and it's probably worth looking for reviews at the office before booking your ticket, remembering that satisfied customers rarely write reviews. But if the agency has one out of five stars, this could be a clue to go.

Step 5. Find a flight all over Europe to get to your dream destination in Europe

One thing most people don't realize is that flying from one country to another in Europe is cheap.

I flew all over Europe for $ 14 each way. No kidding. I have never paid more than USD 60 for a flight in Europe. Use Kayak.com to find a flight to your destination from any country where you have booked the cheapest flight to Europe.

Step 6. Find a cheap or free place to stay on arrival

Everyone has their own idea for a dream vacation. If your living in Ritz, then I'm surprised you read so far in this article. For most of us, we just want to stay decent, enjoying everything that Europe has to offer. I have never been to a landfill in Europe. I don't want to and I'm just not so desperate. Accommodation comes down to four options: hotel, rent, hostel or Couchsurf.

  • Hotel. Staying in a hotel is a safe road, and if you're going to Europe for the first time or you're not a risk taker, it's probably the way you want to go. Hotels depending on the location of the visit range from 20 to 200 USD per night, so it is worth remembering when choosing a destination. I wouldn't advise staying in Monaco unless your oil company records record profits in the first quarter, but staying in nearby Nice could be the solution. In other words, leave the options open.
  • Rent. Booking a rented room, apartment, villa or home is also a safe bet, but it can be a bit more complicated than just checking in at a hotel. Sites like Homeaway and Airbnb offer some truly unique locations and I have to say that some of my favorite places I've stayed in Europe were rentals. From a villa in a vineyard in Tuscany to a lonely mother-in-law in a quiet suburb outside of London, I really enjoyed staying in rentals, and the price is often much lower than staying in a hotel, if there is a group can share the cost.
  • Shelter. The word "hostel" evokes thoughts of scary movies, but in reality the difference between a hostel and a hotel is sometimes unnoticeable in Europe. There are definitely hostels where you get a bunk bed in a room with five other travelers, and for some people it is exciting and interesting! But just because bunk beds are not your thing does not mean that you should exclude everything that has the word hostel in the title. I stayed in some "hostels" that were just as nice as the hotel.
  • Couchsurf. If you really have a tight budget or if meeting local people really matters to you, there is no better way than Couchsurf. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit the Couchsurfing website. Basically, the site allows you to ask to stay with someone who wants to host travelers in their home for free and vice versa. People leave reviews to travelers and hosts to make sure that they are credible. Of course, this involves risks and security measures must be taken. Also, you should always have a backup plan in case the situation goes wrong.

Step 7. Eat cheaply.

I focus on having to visit Europe: travel, accommodation and meals. There are of course many other ways to spend money, but these are the things you need to spend money for and food is one of them.

The food is amazing. I love food and the first time I went to Europe I was disappointed because I accidentally went to restaurants and most of them were not happy. Everything changed when I started checking restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor, that's all it takes to make every meal amazing. This was not as much a money saving tip as the general word for advice. However, TripAdvisor allows you to search by the overall price of the restaurant, so $ is cheap $$ is moderate $$$ becomes expensive etc.

Here's a tip for saving money: buying groceries in Europe is usually very cheap. So if you have booked an apartment with a kitchen, use it! Go shopping at the local market and buy new strange cooking dishes! If you're going on a trip, take a few sandwiches to save a few bucks.

Step 8. Realize that there are even more expenses

Although travel, accommodation and meals are your main expenses, they will of course be different. Things to think about include transport upon arrival, fees for attractions and souvenirs.

Transport options include public transport. Most European cities have fantastic and affordable public transport that you can buy using your local currency or debit card at the kiosk. Remember that American credit cards often don't work on them because you need a chip and a PIN.

Car hire is a great option if you plan to travel outside of the cities, it is usually quite affordable and gives you maximum freedom of mobility. Trains, although cute, are usually not a cheap way to travel around Europe. Flights are much cheaper and faster. But if you fell in love with a train visit to the countryside, it's worth a try. Tickets can be bought in advance on the Eurorail website for a fee. Or if you are more flexible and feel that it's worth the risk, you can buy them in person at the train station, usually for a bit less.

Step 9. Travel with light

Although you may not think that travel light will save you money, believe me, it will. First of all, each airline will charge for baggage. So each part of the flight will cost from 25 to 100 USD for each bag. It adds up quickly. Secondly, if you have two suitcases, you fill two suitcases full of things you probably don't need. Thirdly, using cheap transport such as the subway becomes frustrating and impractical when you carry two uncomfortable bags. Fourthly, your bags must always be with you or at the hotel, so if you plan to check out in the morning and go to another city, you will not be able to do anything until you reach the hotel and check your bags. In summary, the transportation of many items throughout Europe is a huge pain. My advice, and I can't stress it enough, is to put everything in one backpack. I have a 50 l backpack and it had everything I needed for a month and a half in Europe. Yes, there are laundry places in Europe. If you say, well, you don't understand because you're a man. I traveled with two young women and both fit everything in their backpack. If you say you don't understand because you are young, I went to Europe with my mother and she put everything in a standard school backpack! You can do it too!

Step 10. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best

Every time I travel to Europe, I plan the expected expenses and sum up everything. I also plan on at least $ 200 of unexpected expenses. After all, my expenses are always well below this figure, but I never want to end up being overwhelmed by the costs.


In 2000 I gave you a condensed guide to Europe on the budget. When booking a trip to Europe, there are of course many other things to think about, but the main thing is just to do it! Find cheap flights to Europe and book them. You can fill in all the empty fields later, don't try to plan everything before receiving the tickets and don't try to plan every second of every day. Leave time for spontaneity and immerse yourself in European life.

A guide for newcomers to the Party Capital of the World

The sun kisses beaches, night life that puts you in an endless high and atmosphere that you need to feel to know what it is, Ibiza in Spain maintains its well-deserved sobriquet as the party capital of the world. In fact, the Balearic Islands, of which Ibiza is part, have become the global center of the electric dance movement. EDM, as known to its worshipers, has spread its high-intensity synth strikes to virtually every part of the planet.

In the early stages of the club season, the Ibiza event promises to be threefold than ever. Over the next few months, the islands offer themselves to EDM enthusiasts who visit this place again and again. Ibiza is well connected for transport by two main bus connections. Properly Named & # 39; Discobus & # 39; Services that operate at the peak of the club season often become the preferred mode of transport for those who want to get on the club routes. Cabins for rent are also available, but can be difficult to get at the peak of the season due to the very high demand for them. But if you want to discover this place fully, going beyond the club route, it is best to rent a car. Some advice; considering that the road network is still under development, pay attention to small print and make sure you are protected against minor damage.

The accommodation scenario is as vivid as the music on the island. The healthy spread of accommodation begins with Spartan hostels, apartments and luxury apartments, then develops into spacious villas and offers everything in between. Hotel reservations are a must, however, because the popularity of this place means that most of them are sold out within a few days of the season's opening. We have a fairly wide range of options available, which differ in budget and offers. Many advise that a trip to Ibiza begins with months of planning. While this is true in some parts, the power of the Internet has enabled improvised escape. There are many options available on the hotel reservation websites, which sometimes offer hotel offers at attractive prices.

In addition to musical travel, Ibiza is also a place for lovers of picturesque landscapes. The rich and colorful face offers soothing views that are able to calm even the most crazy soul. Tip for a tired traveler: if you happen to sail around the islands and you notice that the watch has stopped or the GPS signal does not work, do not worry. You've just reached the third most magnetic place on the planet – Es Vedra.

So it's time to throw these adventurous party threads, pack your bags and go on your next flight to Ibiza. The best way to reach this place is through Europe, where most airlines fly to the city. The Sant Joseph airport, located at the southern end, is always ready to accept party animals. Equally well-equipped ports, such as Sant Antoni, also host party animals that prefer to swim into the city from the sea.

Cheap hotels in Rome: Hotels in Rome are cheaper in August

Although accommodation in Rome can be found for 12, – Euro tonight, you will have to get along with another 12 people in the same room. Surely you can easily imagine the likelihood that only one of these traveling companions snores or wakes you, entering the room completely drunk at 5 am. From personal experience, there is a good reason to believe that this hostel's lowest level is not a cup of tea for everyone. You usually start looking for bed and breakfast or cheap hotels near the city center to avoid noise and gain some privacy.

Having said that sometimes he learned to find a free room in Rome for such a price, and in addition a good, clean, well-maintained guest house, and even a cheap hotel, if you start looking early enough, there are certainly options. There are many websites with cheap hotels, pensione, guesthouses, apartments and guesthouses, but the sites we recommend have been looking for the best budget places in "Bella Roma" since 2004.

Rome is a place of myths, history, history and Fellini. Rome is a beautiful city where you can spend a lot of wonderful moments. Rome was not built in one day, but you can get an overview of the city at one time. Rome is indeed a beautiful city that is worth visiting, and most importantly, if you have the right shoes, you can make almost all the most important monuments on foot. This is a gigantic advantage over larger cities, such as Paris or New York, because the subway also does not run as often. There are only two metro lines in Rome, A and B. Why? Well, we'll tell you later in one of our articles below. So far, it has to do with all these monuments in the land.

Rome is epic, it shows life from 2000 years ago, and it is funny that you don't even have to enter the museum most of the time, because the ancient monuments are scattered throughout the city center. Rome is the capital and also Italy's political, economic, cultural and road centers.

Rome may not be Naples, but the non-Roman adjective Italians instinctively associate it is chaotic. As mentioned in many travel and tourist guidebooks, Rome has a very expensive reputation when it comes to accommodation. However, the city center made a huge impression on tourists as a tourist destination, which is why more and more tourists come almost every year. Rome was built to amaze tourists and let them see their ancient past and ruins. But certainly beyond its monuments, Roma is certainly more than just a forum for ruins.

Rome is usually full of sunny days all year round, but it can be very hot in the summer months, July and August. Half of the city usually closes then, because breathing can easily become a pain in the steaming city center. All Roman run to the beach and guess what exactly it is in August and the end of July, when hotels will become so cheap again. So if you're used to the heat, you'll have a great opportunity in August. Rates can drop by 100%. For example, a 4-star hotel room can cost only 70, – euros instead of 125, -. Most of the hotel staff are even more friendly and friendly at this time, because you can have half the salon to yourself.

Make the most of your hotel in Marrakech

If you like traveling like me, but your passport has not yet received entry stamps for any exotic country such as Morroco, Marrakech is a fascinating city in the Middle East that you should first discover. Marrakech, known as 'Al Hamra' or 'Red City' at the foot of the Atlas Mountain, is full of exciting tourist attractions that are definitely worth visiting. From great historical sites to most popular tourist destinations, from great city events to exciting Hammams facilities, from souk districts to delicious culinary tours at Djemma El Fna, you'll definitely discover many interesting things to see and do when you set foot in this place City.

Of course, traveling to Marrakech is even more satisfying if you book a hotel that suits your preferences well. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel that doesn't suit their budget and travel needs. The choice of hotels in Marrakech varies depending on the prices, amenities and location. If you prefer to stay in a luxury hotel in Marrakech, you can choose from several famous Riads and hostels in the city. In addition, if you have already experienced the great privileges of accommodation in Morocco at the Marrakech Hotel in New York, you will definitely experience real things in the best hotels and inns in the city. So, for the best experience from a Moroccan hotel, check out the guidelines below to help you get the most out of your Marrakech hotels.

1. Check the locations of hotels in Marrakech.

It is very important to base the choice of hotel in Marrakech according to the preferences of travel in the city. First of all, why would you go to a hotel that is far from the attractions and major tourist attractions of the city? As such, you should check out good hotels that are close to the city's main tourist attractions. It will be easier for you to discover the wonders of the city if the hotel is close to places you want to visit. In addition, you'll never have to experience the hassle of returning to your hotel after a busy day looking for great city attractions.

2. Look for a hotel in Marrakech that hosts special events.

There are many cultural events or events in the city, such as the Marrakech International Film Festival, which travelers find very interesting. Usually social gatherings in Marrakech take place in the most important hotels of the city. If you're lucky to have made a reservation at one of these hotels, you can get tickets or passes to witness the long-awaited seasonal events and festivals in the city.

3. Take advantage of the amenities offered at a hotel in Marrakech.

Even if the attractions of Marrakech are outside the hotel, you should still use all the amenities of the accommodation. Filled with emotions related to discovering promising tourist attractions in Marrakech, you will probably never appreciate the amenities and extras of your chosen hotel in Marrakech. Remember that your hotel room is not just a place where you can crash after an exciting day on the streets of Marrakech. Take some time to explore the facilities of the selected hotel. If it has great pools, a spacious gym and excellent spa services, check them out and simply take advantage of the internal facilities that the hotel offers to its guests. Even if you are in a hotel room, you can still enjoy your vacation by simply enjoying the wonderful view of the city from your apartment. Enjoy your stay at the hotel of your choice to really get a feel for Morroco, especially Marrakech.

Tips for finding a home during a summer internship in New York

You've got an assassin's queue for the summer in New York, but you're currently at school in College Park, Maryland. Are you trying to find out where to live? Start here! Here's a guide for people getting ready for a summer internship in New York.

Student accommodation

Colleges such as New School, NYU and Fordham offer summer housing programs on their campuses. Although housing requirements may vary from school to school, they still offer convenience and a smooth transition for those seeking an internship in New York. The NYU summer housing program includes living quarters in New York's most desirable neighborhoods, such as Greenwich Village, SOHO and Union Square.

All living rooms are conveniently located near public transport and have a public Security officer on duty at all times. NYU also offers non-traditional residential housing with a private bathroom and kitchen.


LocalBigwig sheds light on finding one of the best kept secrets in New York. Ich Insider & # 39; s Guide is a great tool for summer interns who want to move quickly around the city. It provides tips on local lifestyle and explores options for hunting for nearby housing. For those who are too busy to engage in the search, you can hire a Big Wig assistant who will help you find the perfect place for the summer.

NYC Intern

Do you want the convenience of staying in the local lobby of the residence, but with more options than in a traditional summer residence? NYC Interns offers a variety of summer internship options in New York with apartments in Midtown and Lower East Side. Choose from residences with free laundries, shared kitchens and 24-hour security. You must be a bachelor or master student and provide proof of internship after accepting the application.

Subletting in the city

For older interns or those looking for less stringent conditions, Sublet in the City is your source for renting apartments in New York. The site offers options for flats, corporate flats, lofts and hostels. They also offer relocation services to help with transport, banking or furniture rental. Whether you dream of spending the summer exploring a restaurant in Chelsea or rubbing your elbows in the financial district, Sublet in the City offers plenty of options to meet your needs.

Did you find the perfect place to live during your summer internship? Let us know how you found the perfect place.

How to spend less money by visiting Rome

Taking cash with you on a trip is a must, for fear that money can be easily stolen. However, with the spread of debit and credit cards, as well as access to international ATMs, a certain amount of cash is needed in crisis situations where cash is unacceptable. For example, ATM networks are not always in good condition, so keep cash, calculate what your expenses will be, including a cheap travel insurance fee, and only pay out what you need every week.

Prepayment can sometimes be more expensive

Although Rome may be the Eternal City, it is also one of the most expensive places to stay or work. Expenses abroad will largely be allocated to hotel accommodation, so it is recommended to choose smaller hotels, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation. Since you will be outside all day, it is not practical to spend a fortune on hotel accommodation. Advance payment for a room has its drawbacks.

You can save from 15% to 20% if you pay for a place you haven't seen, but if it turns out to be awful, you would not save money at all because you probably prefer to stay somewhere else. European hotel rooms, especially those in Italy, are smaller than people expect. If you choose smaller accommodation, the money saved can be better used in the form of cheap travel insurance, which should be compulsory for the traveler.

Cost examination of items

Knowing how much things in Rome cost should not be difficult if you do some research before leaving. The internet has revolutionized access to information, so you can now find out that bottled water in Rome can cost between 15 and 3 euros, depending on where you buy it.

Coffee generally costs around 80 euros, but remember that the "cup" in Rome is only slightly smaller than the cup you have at home. For example, a cappuccino will cost more, starting from 1.5 euros for a 'shot', and it even depends on whether you drink it in a sitting position or take it to a bar that is cheaper than the previous one.

And then it's Lunch … and Dinner

A panini or sandwich and a slice of pizza can again cost between 1.5 and 2 euros, depending on whether you eat it sitting or on the road. Unless someone treats you to a meal after seeing the usual attractions or you don't buy cheap travel insurance, it's best to take some fruit, yogurt, water and pastries to nourish you in the afternoon.

Dinner can last from 20 to 30 euros for each person, depending on where you eat your meal and the number of linguini, gnocchi or ravioli plates ordered. If you're with a group, the cheapest solution would be to have several starters, a large pizza, coffee and two types of desserts that you can share. Otherwise, you can finally pay the bill, which can cost more than a cheap travel insurance policy!

Budget and plan and stick to them

The smartest thing you can do is plan your route before leaving the Da Vinci airport. Have between 350 and 500 euros for each week you will be in Rome, and the same budget will be spent on every other person traveling with you. You can also save on spending by eating cheap at lunchtime and eating a free breakfast at your hotel.

Top reasons to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Europe, has always been a favorite destination of tourists from around the world. When you think of Amsterdam, perhaps the first ones that come to mind are the beautiful meandering canals that cross the city. They give this place a wonderful charm. Walk around these places and these memories will stay in your mind for a long time.

Amsterdam, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, has a rich culture. The city also boasts international reputation restaurants, excellent transport options and modern clubs and bars. Due to the picturesque landscape, Amsterdam is also called the Venice of the North.

The city of Amsterdam is full of life. The name Amsterdam has its origin in the phrase Amstel dam, which means a dam on the Amstel River. In addition to the famous canals, the city is also famous for its historic ports and cafes. It also happens to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Most parts of the city still bear this 17th-century appearance thanks to the numerous old buildings that define its panorama. But Amsterdam is very modern.

If there is one word that you can use to define Amsterdam, it must be tolerance. Yes, Amsterdam tolerates failures. The city has always opened the door for immigrants and followers of various religions. For centuries, these immigrants became an integral part of the city and gave it a clearly cosmopolitan character.

Amsterdam boasts impressive architecture and old world charm, which is not surprising, as the city has about 7,000 historic buildings registered. Old merchant villas, lush Vondelpark and charming Jordaan alleys are a traveler's delight.

There are many museums in Amsterdam, all filled with art of the golden age. The most famous of them are the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, which houses the most famous paintings of Rembrandt Van Rijn and the Van Gogh Museum.

The city is also known for its lively nightlife. In Amsterdam, almost everyone is having fun as if it wasn't tomorrow.

Best time to visit

You can visit the city at any time of the year. The summer months are especially known for the endless parade of festivals and great concerts on the canal stages. A nice weekend in Amsterdam will be an experience that you will cultivate throughout your life.

Hotels, shopping and accommodation in Norwich

Norwich is one of the bustling cities in Great Britain. There are many things to do and many attractions to see. It offers something for everyone, from world-class architecture buildings, museums, monuments and parks to gardens, great restaurants, cafes, hotels, great shops and a vibrant nightlife.

Norwich Hotels and accommodation

There are many hotels and hostels in this city depending on your budget. Some of the famous hotels in Newcastle are:

  • Georgian House Hotel
  • St Giles House Hotel
  • The Maids Head Hotel
  • Best Western Annesley House
  • Wensum Guest House
  • Dunston Hall Hotel

Nightlife in Norwich

The city has so many exciting meeting points. After dark, the city lies on the floors. On every street you can see many bars, casinos, clubs and discos. Newcastle has a lively, active and vibrant nightlife.

  • Frank's bar
  • The last winery
  • Fat Cat Pub
  • Trainer and horses
  • Castle Pub
  • Grace

Shopping in Norwich

No trip can be perfect without shopping. Norwich has a lot to do shopping. You can have fun in shopping malls, malls, supermarkets, special stores and stalls in the city.

  • Chapelfield Shopping Center
  • Vodafone Norwich Castle shopping center
  • Norwich Market
  • Amanda Jane's glass
  • Argos
  • Dixons shopping center

Eurostar to Newcastle to Paris

You can explore European destinations with Newcastle. You can travel to Europe by rail, ship and plane. Trains are the best option to discover the beautiful rural landscape in Europe. I suggest you hope for the Eurostar train connecting Newcastle with St Pancras International train station in London and then from London to Paris by the Eurostar fast train.

Seven tips for spontaneous travel

Imagine a day like any other. You come home from work, school or grocery store and suddenly … BOOM! Again, this is an old, familiar desire to get on the highway and drive to the sunset, landing where the road takes you. Do you go with that feeling Or maybe you are going home to continue your mundane life? Perhaps you are realistically going home and planning a spontaneous exit. Here are seven tips for spontaneous travel on a tight budget.

Personally, I'm excited about driving to a big unknown city and traveling where the wind blows. I have experience in adventures in cities such as New Orleans, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, Boston, New York, Boulder, Flagstaff, L.A. and San Francisco! As you can see, you can go virtually anywhere with a clean account, without knowing anyone or anything.

Start at the cafe and ask a local barista for advice in the nearest place to catch live music or anything else that may interest you. Pick up the area map and local event calendar to explore the new territory. Find a hostel to sleep for the night. Hostels are a great place to meet people and get tips on events in the area. Camping is also a pleasant travel experience. Many national parks offer free camping, which is booked on a first come, first served basis. Several times I stopped for gasoline when the sun was setting and asked for a camping nearby. I rarely can't find a cheap or free campsite nearby.

It is important to remain free in these conditions. If you are too picky or demanding, you can't say for what occasion you could lose. Keep an open mind for all your experience, and I guarantee that it will make sense.

It is extremely easy to eat cheap on the road and in large cities. During one month of travel I can eat less than USD 50 for the entire trip. First of all, if you're on a tight budget, don't eat out. Buy all groceries and buy wisely. YOU CAN LIVE WITH PB&J Sandwiches and Fruit! If you're like me, you need to eat caffeine in the morning, so bring a thermos with you to fill your coffee instead of buying different cups along the way.

If you really suffer from a free meal, several Krishna temples in large cities give meals to the public on weekend evenings, if not every day! The Krishna Temple in New Orleans provides meals to over 200 people every Sunday evening. "Food Not Bombs" is a thirty-year organization that serves free meals every day in over 1,000 cities around the world, protesting against war, poverty and the destruction of Mother Earth. This revolutionary movement is worth looking at and taking the opportunity to take an active part. Vegetarians don't have to worry; both these organizations serve meals 100% meatless !!

The whole experience depends on you. With a good attitude, an open mind and a heart full of love, you will take with you an invaluable experience that you can apply in everyday life. What are you waiting for? Come out and get life skills that will turn your ordinary life into the greatest adventure of the moment!