Everything you ever wanted to know about boutique hotels

The hotel industry is one of the oldest companies in the world. It has existed since people began traveling from one place to another for commercial and other purposes. What began as the need for an hour (rest and shelter during long journeys) soon evolved into an industry that offered its guests comfort, convenience and even luxury. For example, the Greeks built thermal baths that allowed guests to relax and regenerate. The Romans built palaces for travelers, and the Caravanserai along the famous Silk Road from Turkey to China offered shelter not only to men, but also to their animals.

In the 21st century, hotels have evolved into a flourishing business that has become an integral part of the tourism industry. Various styles are available, from extravagant properties, bare-bone youth hostels to bridal resorts to charming rural inns.

However, with the increase in competition and hotels offering standard services throughout the network, the market has demanded something innovative. People tired of impersonal services began to move to smaller hotels that offered personalized attention and a unique experience.

And so was born the favorite hotel industry – boutique hotels. Today they are the most sought after option for leisure travelers and the best exclusive name. More and more people decide to stay in boutique hotels, because it almost always guarantees them good fun and great value for money

Given the popularity they like, it's worth taking a look at the fascinating history of boutique hotels and following their evolution over time.

The history of boutique hotels

The earliest boutique hotels appeared in the early 1980s. The first two of them are The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington in London and Bedford on Union Square in San Francisco. However, the term "boutique hotel" appeared much later in 1984, coined by Steve & # 39; Rubella. He compared his own establishment, the Morgans Hotel, to a small boutique, which of course wanted to emphasize its exclusivity and distinguish it from other hotels that appeared everywhere, as did monolithic department stores.

This does not mean that boutique hotels are a modern invention. There are many documented cases of similar accommodation experiences from the 13th century when parking stands were created for travelers in Mongolia and China.

Here are a few other examples of one-of-a-kind boutique hotels that were popular at the time:

  • In 1705, César Ritz opened a boutique hotel at Place Vendôme, which earned him the recognition of King Edward VII, who named him "Hotelier king and hotelier of kings" .
  • In 1822, the Venetian artist Giuseppe Rubino transformed the old palace into a magnificent hotel and called it "il Rubino".
  • In 1880, Hotel Sagamore on Lake George (New York) was the first to provide electricity to each of its guest rooms, causing quite a stir among visitors in those days.
  • In 1900, Edouard Niiermans, known as the "palace architect", was transformed into the summer residence of Emperor Napoleon III – Villa "Eugenie" – into a beautiful and niche hotel.
  • In 1919, Barcelona inaugurated a stylish hotel that was equipped with hot and cold water in the bathrooms.

As you can see, in the history of the hotel industry there were many occasions when hoteliers used creativity and offered services at the highest level to stay ahead of the competition and offer their guests something extraordinary.

21st century boutique hotel – features that make it stand out

Today, the term "boutique hotel" is used to describe small factories with about 150 rooms. They are private property or part of a small group of hotels and are best known for their iconic, unforgettable, and sometimes eccentric design motifs. The concept of boutique hotels became fashionable after hotelier Ian Schrager and French designer Philippe Starck applied unique designs to build their hotels. And now it has become a thriving industry with unique features.

Here are some of the more important ones.

Size does matter

Boutique hotels are generally considered to be small, but do not fall into the same category as Bed & Breakfast or private hotels with less than 10 rooms. Boutique hotels can have up to 150 rooms, which makes them appear smaller when compared with most chain hotels.

However, this intimate scale helps create a homely atmosphere with lots of peace and privacy. These cozy properties often have a common "living space" in which guests can sit and communicate with each other.

Personality speaks volume

Since boutique hotels are independent and do not belong to any large chain, they are in themselves a brand. They have a characteristic climate that distinguishes them from others. Their unique personality and lack of solutions in the field of cookie molds make guests refresh themselves, thus attracting more and more people to boutique hotels.

Design by Desire

Boutique hotels are known for their intriguing interiors, which are often created by leading designers and architects. Overall, these niche hotels retain an exclusive look, combining historical elegance with elegant details. The decor conveys a progressive style, and the overall design can range from contemporary and peculiar to home and artistic. Each room is individually decorated, equipped with exclusive amenities and exclusive bedding.

It's all in Charm

Do you know how you enter a large hotel, but nothing really stands out? Boutique hotels will not have it, and the first thing that catches your attention is their eccentric personality. They are funky, fashionable and unusual. For example, the Monaco Hotel in Washington will bring a gold fish to the bowl in your room if you don't have your own pet.

Lovely location

Although there are no stringent and quick rules determining where a boutique hotel should be, it is no accident that the best of them have a great location for them. When designing boutique hotels, most hoteliers choose the most fashionable and interesting places to put them. You can even find them in exclusive neighborhoods, away from the hustle and bustle, but still close to the city's attractions. Another popular choice of boutique hotels will be areas remote from the city, surrounded by nature and surrounded by lush greenery.

Excellent service

One of the most characteristic features of boutique hotels are the highly personalized and exclusive services that they provide to their guests. The staff are polite and friendly and will probably know your name from day one. The hotel offers luxurious custom-made amenities such as a wide selection of pillows, custom toiletries and a range of relaxing spa services. A sumptuous menu with food and drinks is also a characteristic part of the boutique hotel. Together, these services provide guests with the highest level and unique experience.

Excellent gastronomy options

Another feature that distinguishes boutique hotels from other hotels is their considerable emphasis on creating unusual restaurants and bars that are fashionable and fashionable. These hotels enjoy a good reputation, regardless of traditional stars. Thanks to their attractiveness, they are able to attract crowds not only locally but also globally.

As you can see, there are many reasons why boutique hotels are quickly gaining popularity among travelers who expect more than convenience and convenience. They want to be surprised, want to experience something new, something completely different from what ordinary hotels offer. In fact, if you don't spend the night in a boutique hotel, you are considered out of fashion.

I don't want to suggest that hotels are boring or uninspiring. There are excellent hotels around the world offering their guests services from around the world. However, boutique hotels break traditional mold and cannot be packaged according to standards. By offering guests style, distinction, intimacy and warmth, they leave guests with experience that they can cultivate forever. And isn't that what the hotels are going to do first of all?

Five reasons why you must visit Hong Kong

1. Easy access and the best airport in the world

If you are planning a trip to China, you must visit Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the main communication hub in Asia and the gateway to China. It's very easy to find your way here. There are direct flights daily connecting Hong Kong with major cities in Europe and North America. Boeing 747, 767, 763 long-range aircraft are widely used.

Here are some flight times (non-stop) for reference. New York is 16 h 20 m, London 11 h 45 m, Sydney 9 h 20 m and Tokyo 4 h 45 m.

After landing in Hong Kong, you need to convince you of its customer service and the effectiveness of immigration and customs controls. Hong Kong Airport was chosen as the best airport in the world in the years 2001-2005 (Skytrax online survey).

2. A great range of accommodation

You must visit Hong Kong because you can find accommodation that suits your needs, whether it is luxury, budget or something indirect. For luxury vacationers, Hong Kong has almost all world-famous five-star hotels – Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Four Seasons, and many more to name.

If you're traveling on a budget, the Hong Kong Youth Hostel Association runs many hostels at very attractive prices. A friend of mine told me that he could book a bed for HK $ 80 per night. However, she had to share a room with several others. If you have four people in your group, you can book a 4-person room for 400 HK (USD 50) per night. Nice offer!

3. A gourmet paradise

If you love Chinese food, you must visit Hong Kong. The Hong Kong culinary market is dominated by Cantonese dishes, one of the tastiest Chinese dishes of all. Cantonese food is known worldwide for its simple cooking method and fresh ingredients. A dinner with seafood is a must. Try live steamed fish. It's a lifelong experience. Nowhere else in the world will people cook fish the same way, although so delicious. A cheap lunch / breakfast is also a must. It became a lifestyle of Hong Kong, Chinese and foreigners.

Hong Kong is not only famous for its Cantonese cuisine. You can find other Chinese food and any other type of food from around the world.

Hong Kong is a place where you can eat whenever you want. Shops operate around the clock. You would never be hungry here.

4. A paradise for buyers

You must visit Hong Kong if you want to buy luxury goods at the lowest price. Original luxury brands such as LV, Prada, Corum, Burberrys and many other world-famous designer products are sold at unbeatable prices. In many cases, these stores are crowded and even with a waiting line.

Hong Kong is also a place where you can buy the most fashionable everything at the lowest price in the world – a mobile phone, computer, digital camera, electronics, fashion and accessories etc. You must be convinced by the wide selection and their low prices.

5. The most beautiful night view and panorama

You must visit Hong Kong if you are not impressed by the other night views that you have seen.

The intercontinental hall is in the book 1000 places to see before you die. Would it be overestimated? No, it's not because it's one of the best places to see Hong Kong's beautiful panorama at night.

Hong Kong at night is stunning for many reasons. Beautiful buildings are highly condensed, and layers of colors stretch from the port to the top. You can make a panoramic view from afar. Or you can ride Star Ferry to take a look.

The Hong Kong skyline contributes to the beauty of Hong Kong's day and night. Numerous beautifully designed buildings line up on the side of the world famous Victoria Harbor. They are illuminated by well-designed colors that make Hong Kong's amazing view at night. Hong Kong at night is an amazing experience when traveling around China.

Aviation History

Traveling by plane has a long and interesting history, beginning with the first commercial flight in 1933. On a modern Boeing 247 aircraft. This important event left its final mark on the aviation time line, but was just one of many important achievements. Below are some fascinating monuments of aviation history that took place in the last century.

Zeppelin Hindenburg

The 1930s revealed the so-called era of aviation history. The German passenger ship LZ 129 Hindenburg was one such example of popularity. However, the event surrounding this blimp was sad because of a tragedy during the flight. The Hindenburg disaster, intended for Lakehurst Naval Station in Manchester Township, New Jersey, took place when the aircraft was set on fire and crashed. In this tragic accident, 35 deaths were counted and it goes without saying that confidence in airships has dropped dramatically. News coverage emitted terrible news from around the world, which essentially led to the sad end of the airship period.

Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier

The sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager in 1947, which is another great event in the history of aviation. Yeager was a US pilot test pilot and flew the experimental Bell X-1 on Mach 1. The plane was then 45,000 feet high. Bell X-1 is exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum for Air and Space. Yeager received more than one award for this achievement, including the MacKay and Collier trophy in 1948. And the trophy for Harmon International in 1954. Coming from Myra, West Virginia years later, they overcame other sound barriers, and even height.

Boeing 747

Fast scrolling from Chuck Yeager's main achievements until the 1970s, many people recognize the Boeing 747 and is often endearly called the "jumbo jet" of the aircraft. Its role in freight transport and commercial flights is a significant part of aviation history. This passenger plane, Boeing 747, made its first commercial flight from New York to London at the beginning of this decade. The main airlines using this model are British Airways, Korean Air, Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific. The Boeing 747, in addition to being recognizable, is important because it can carry such a large load of passengers or cargo. In fact, he kept the record in carrying the largest number of passengers for several decades.

Aviation is still developing

The crisis of Zeppelin Hindenburg, the breaking of the sound barrier by Chuck Yeager and the introduction of the jumbo jet Boeing 747 are just three of many turning points in aviation. Although there are many other events on the historical flight timeline, these events show some of the individual pieces of the puzzle. Events like these have helped shape the history of aviation and offer opportunities for learning and reflection. The flight has come a long way and will change in the years to come, making it an exciting part of technology and history!

Find the perfect Christmas gifts when shopping in London

If you're starting to worry about not getting all your Christmas shopping this year, why not spend the whole weekend finding the perfect presents?

By booking hostels, you can say that shopping is much cheaper than you thought, so you have a lot to spend on all gifts.

When it comes to shopping in the UK, London is the most important destination, with a combination of street names and quirky boutiques.

No matter what gifts you are looking for, you will definitely find them here, and thanks to Christmas lights and carol singers you will be in a festive mood in the blink of an eye!

The perfect base is Oxford Street, which offers a wide selection of all kinds of stores, from clothing and jewelry to music and books.

You can spend the whole day just visiting hundreds of stores on this episode, so make sure you have an idea of ​​what you want to buy before you start your shopping day.

On nearby Regent Street, you'll find the best place to buy presents for children. Hamley is one of the largest toy stores in the capital and offers toys for girls and boys of all ages, so you'll definitely find the perfect gift to hide in your toddler's Christmas sock.

Meanwhile, no shopping trip to London would be complete without a visit to Harrods in Knightsbridge.

Go here to attend Christmas goods shows – or you can find something delicious to add to your Christmas dinner at the food department.

Alternatively, you may find that the bizarre areas of Carnaby Street and Camden Town provide exactly what you were looking for.

With such an eclectic mix of retailers, you'll definitely find presents for everyone on the Christmas list.

After a day of transferring cash, return to your hostels in London for a much needed rest.

If you fancy going out again, you'll find plenty of bars and restaurants in every district of the city, so you can enjoy a well-deserved shopping break with a delicious dinner.

Turn your Christmas shopping into a weekend break and visit London this year!

Science frenzy abroad

Courses and programs for graduation

There is no limit to the number of programs and graduation days now. Each development in the field of science is a separate area that you can work on. American universities offer courses and study programs in almost all of these areas and you can continue your research and development work there thanks to advanced sources and resources. Higher mathematics, engineering and aeronautics are most often chosen in the exact science category, while humanities students prefer sociology, public administration and history at the end of their studies.

Hostels and accommodation

American universities and educational facilities are located on hectares of land and provide students and residents with a lush, green and healthy atmosphere. They have luxurious and comfortable student hostels, which are usually divided into wings. It provides all amenities such as a cafeteria, gyms, elevators, washrooms, tennis courts and a dance and painting room to make their lives interesting.

Renowned universities

There are many reputable colleges and universities in America that accept thousands of students every year. Valdosta State University, Michigan State University, Ball State University, New York University etc. These are some of the dream college students from around the world. They have a comprehensive curriculum along with a fantastic infrastructure for students to learn and develop, and have clear career options.

Valdosta State University is located in Georgia and was founded in 1606. It is one of the oldest facilities in America and is known for providing clear and qualified human resources in various fields. It is quite popular among foreign students due to graduation. There are well-equipped classrooms with all equipment and a lecturer base of over 600 teachers. Each teacher is fluent in six different languages, thanks to which foreign students have no problems.

Enjoying Paris attractions on a budget

A visit to cosmopolitan Paris is often associated with expenses, wealth, delicious food and luxury accommodation, so it's easy to assume that maximum utilization of this city with a limited budget may not be possible. This is certainly a false assumption, because if you conduct research, stay in one of the excellent youth hostels and plan well, you can eat, sleep and enjoy some of its great attractions for a surprisingly small amount.

Where to stay and move

First of all, it should be noted that there are some great youth hostels in Paris, many of which are conveniently located near the city center. A stay in one of these youth hostels guarantees a safe environment, a friendly atmosphere and an affordable stay. Most are also close to the excellent public transport system for which the city is well known. Individual tickets as well as daily and weekly passes are inexpensive and ideal to allow you access to every corner of Paris. While the metro is extremely convenient, public buses are a great way to see the city above the ground. (Youth hostel workers will be able to provide all the information they need to get to where you want to go.

There are also many hop-on, hop-off bus tours that make traveling between the main attractions very easy; the current commentary accompanying these trips offers important insight into the city's history and main attractions.

When to go

While summer is a favorite season for traveling, visiting Paris out of season also has some charm and some clear advantages. Less crowds, smaller queues around galleries, museums and attractions, as well as lower ticket and accommodation prices ensure a budget traveler a much more laid-back and affordable stay.

Walking on a budget

It is well known that Paris is a luxury city, and its iconic monuments and elegant reputation definitely attract a rich collection of stars. But despite this, there are many museums, galleries and significant monuments that you can visit, including the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral and Sacre Coeur. For museums that charge fees, the most economical way to visit them is to invest in the Paris Museum Pass, which includes major museums at a reduced overall price. It is also worth noting that many city museums take place on "free" admission days – so every Sunday of the month one or the other will offer free admission.

Of course, one of the best free ways to see Paris is the strength of your feet – surprising how much you can take while walking in your time. Wandering around the magnificent parks, enjoying the cafe culture and absorbing the atmosphere of this beautiful city are some of the best ways to truly feel a real heart and soul.

Advantages and disadvantages of distance education

Advantages of distance education

The biggest advantage of enrolling in an educational course is that you have flexible learning hours. You don't have to study in four walls in strictly defined schedules. You can choose your study dates at your own discretion and you can also do it at work. Another advantage is that you can choose any university from which you want to take a course. Almost all universities in the world offer online courses and it is very easy to sign up for them. These programs are also cheaper than regular class programs.

Disadvantages of distance education

The only drawback to participating in an online course is that you have to study yourself and are responsible for completing the course. You will not be under constant supervision and you will have to regulate your working time for studies.

Distance learning centers

There are many educational facilities around the world that offer distance courses for foreign students. These schools develop a comprehensive and interactive curriculum for distance learning students and regularly conduct assessment tests. New York University, Utah State University, North Carolina State University etc. These are some of the institutes that have high-quality distance learning programs. Many specialists and students take online courses at these institutes to improve their qualifications and get higher jobs in their fields.

Utah State University is located in Logan, Utah and was founded in 1888. Offers various master's and postgraduate courses. It consists of seven universities that deal with many areas of career options. Provides financial assistance to needy students, and also grants scholarships to distinguished students. It has luxury hostels that provide its students with all kinds of entertainment facilities for their comprehensive development.

Hello from New York – first impressions of a big apple

So yesterday morning, our American Airways flight (reserved for free with my Airmiles) departed at 7:13 to take us to the Big Apple, a place where I was always fascinated, but I only visited twice in my life, for over 10 years ago.

Just flying over NYC was an experience in itself, seeing all the Manhattan skyscrapers, various bridges connecting the continent to the island, and soon after flying over Rykers Island prison we landed at La Guardia, actually a rather small airport when compared to Toronto.

Our luggage came out in the blink of an eye and we caught several weeks of transit tickets (quite a good offer for $ 24 for an unlimited number of journeys throughout the week) and we began our journey to Brooklyn. One bus (mainly through the Latin Quarter in Queens) and one subway ride (via Manhattan) later, we ended up in our beautiful guesthouse in beautiful surroundings, south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Since we did not know the area and the website of our guesthouse provided only a small, small map, we chose the wrong subway line from which to get off, and we had to walk about 1/2 hour to find the B&B, but it gave us a good first look at this part of Brooklyn.

It is an area with impressive houses and houses that are about a hundred years old. Magnolia and cherry trees bloom everywhere, and the gardens are carefully maintained. Our neighborhood in Brookly feels very safe and we had to meet our hosts: a very hospitable and sociable couple in their forties named Harry and Bibi. They led us to our room, a nice room on the third floor of this spacious house, with shared bathroom.

Actually, the whole house has been converted into a B&B and there are 8 bedrooms, each 2 and 3 floor of the house has its own kitchen and bedrooms and it really ensures a really comfortable stay, because it is more like having your own apartment, instead of just renting a room.

Before leaving, I thoroughly examined accommodation options in New York and after analyzing all options (hotels, hostels, guesthouses) I decided that the B&B option would be the most convenient way to go. And for USD 90.00 per night, it turned out to be one of the cheapest options and a great base for exploring New York …

Cheap holidays in New York – a big apple on a budget

To experience cheap holidays in New York, the guest must be very economical. It will also depend on the definition of cheaper by the person.

If your definition of cheap is a low price for normal accommodation than a hotel room below 150 USD, a night would be and is a bargain in New York. The funny thing about peace in New York is that what is considered peace is closest to most of the country.

For those who are thinking of camping in Central Park, the movies are a bit dramatic, but still realistic enough to advise against. New York is the largest city in America since 1790 and is still growing. Growth is increasing, so people's concentration is increasing day by day.

The cost of most major attractions, such as the Empire State Building, does not cost USD 20 for adults and USD 14 for children under 12 years of age. A visit to the Statue of Liberty is more reasonable, it is free. But like most things, there is a catch. The statue is on the island, so the man has to pay for the ferry. The ferry cost USD 12 for adults and USD 5 for children under 12 years of age.

When you plan and small children are not included in the trip, consider one of the many hostels where you can stay for less than $ 50. There are even some for less than $ 20 a night. You'll have to share a room with a bed and bathroom, but the savings are huge compared to Plaza for $ 549 per night.

Finding cheap vacation in New York is possible, just look for bargains.


Ethereum (ETH) rose today after the entire alkyne market responded strongly to the $ 10,000 bitcoin consolidation period in the region. This upward movement sent him $ 185, a previously high level of support for cryptocurrencies.

Analysts now note that the Ethereum network shows significant strength, which could be a positive signal for short-term cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum waves $ 185
At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading more than 3% at its current price of $ 185, a significant deviation from its recent low of about $ 170 which was set earlier this month.

bitcoin value

ETH has been steadily gaining support around these price levels in recent days and weeks, and today its increased capacity may indicate counterfeiting, which could increase significantly in the coming days and weeks.

Popularity encryption analyst on Twitter Josh Olszewicz spoke on Ethereum’s pricing action on a recent tweet, briefly saying, “Here’s your $ ETH Hume” and pointing to a graph showing $ short term goal of $ 320